"One of the hottest exercise products in the past two years!"
Verge magazine,
August 1998

"The most popular product on the market!"
Esquire magazine,
June 1999

"The Fit Today Log is one of the best organizers we've ever seen!"
Verge magazine,
August 1998

"A must for all men!"
GQ magazine,
November 1997

"Fits in your pocket and easy to use!"
Verge magazine,
August 1998

"This gadget lets you accomplish twice as much when you exercise!"
GQ magazine's Guide to Health and Fitness,
March 1999

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"One of the hottest products of the past few years, the Door Gym has no rival in the fitness kingdom!"
American Health magazine, February 1999

"It's about time somebody improved on those plastic magazine holders that fit on exercise machines!"
Prevention magazine's
"Fit & Firm" guide, April 1998

"Our testers could reach buttons with ease...!"
Fitness magazine,
March 1997

"Our tester loved the log so much, we had a hard time getting it back!"
Fitness magazine ,
May 1997

"Great for your exercise and eating schedule as well as for setting goals!" Woman's Day's "Lose Weight" magazine, March 1998

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